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With Awareness  Comes Action

A2C uses the WACA model to empower Self and the community through therapy, training & clinical evaluations

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Writing Clinical Evaluations for Immigration & Family Law Purposes

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  • Their perspective on things is so practical that it allowed me to understand things better.

    Sofana Castellon
  • Very relatable and engaging during the entire presentation.

    Cindy Torres
  • I loved the energy of the presenters. They were very knowledgeable but also used many relatable life experiences. It was great! I will look forward to filling out the worksheets and implementing the techniques presented in the workshop through my life.

    Rosario Paz
  • Excellent energy! Really needed this self-care moment.

    Laz Chumpitazi
  • Patricia is a wonderful clinician who shows so much passion with this topic and need to create awareness for action. (Writing a Clinical Evaluation for Immigration Purposes Workshop – Part 1 and 2)

  • Comprehensive and warm presentations, bringing together clinical and legal aspects. Great job! (Writing a Clinical Evaluation for Immigration Purposes Workshop – Part 1 and 2)

    Virginia Pacheco
  • Patricia and Jeanevra were really personal and connected with people really well… they had things that were relatable, and that is important for people to see that they are the experts but also human.

    Patricia Pinies
  • Patricia is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also a pleasure to speak with! THANK YOU!