Sinistra-3 croppedPatricia Timerman prides herself in being a passionate advocate. She subscribes to the concept that Knowledge is Power, and created A2C to use this core belief in order to empower our community and create change.

Ms. Timerman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and National Board Certified Counselor. She is also currently a PhD Candidate in Counseling Education with a specialization in Marriage and   Family Therapy at Barry University.

As a counselor, Ms. Timerman specializes in adjustment to live events, including grief and loss, suicide postvention (suicide grief), trauma survivorship (i.e., domestic violence), and the affective responses (i.e. anxiety and depression) accompanying such events. She also utilizes her core belief that Knowledge is Power in her counseling style, adhering to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a framework to empower desired change with her clients. Specifically, through CBT Ms. Timerman helps clients to become aware of the cognitive lens through which they see the world, and the emotional (i.e. anxiety), physiological (i.e. panic attacks), and behavioral reactions (i.e. impulsive) associated to such lens. This awareness affords clients the ability to take action and create change, becoming gradually better able to manage their thoughts and therefore their reactions.

Ms. Timerman is currently a board member of the South Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition and a volunteer group facilitator for the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention (FISP), facilitating their Miami Survivor of Suicide Group since 2013.

Aside from counseling, Ms. Timerman is also has expertise of Immigration Law and the Role of Counseling in the World of Immigration. During her Master’s Degree Ms. Timerman worked with immigration law, being exposed to the effects of immigration issues in the lives of victims of domestic violence and the family system. As a professional counselor, Ms. Timerman has continues her focus on matters of immigration, creating training and consultations on topics of immigration and the mental health field, and composing clinical evaluations for immigration and other legal purposes.

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese and Spanish

20161216-28 croppedJeanevra Pearson believes in the core concepts of Advocate2Create: knowledge, creating awareness, empowering the community, and change.

Ms. Pearson attended Valdosta State University in 2013 where she successfully pursued and completed her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. During the completion of her Master’s career, Ms. Pearson worked with a community-based counseling program where she provided individual and family therapeutic services, participated as a group facilitator with teaching Independent Living Programs skills, and linked clients to helpful community resources.

After the graduation in 2013, Ms. Pearson was accepted and is currently pursuing her PhD in Counseling Education with a Specialization and Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy at Barry University. After becoming a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern with the State of Florida, she quickly began working with a state-funded grant program for at-risk adolescents where she was the Program Coordinator who provided Administrative and Clinical Supervision of master-level counselors-in-training interns at various school sites in Miami-Dade County, managed grant program and budget, facilitated psycho-educational workshops for youth and parents around various topics: bullying suicide, abuse, violence, character development, leadership skills, and academic achievement as well as co-facilitated individual and group sessions for middle and high school at-risk youth.

Ms. Pearson believes in the power of relationships and their effects on the issues people experience. She works from a Postmodern/Systemic Narrative and Bowenian theoretical framework that privileges the person’s chosen story over the stories of others, explores how past familial relationships through patterns have impacted a person’s or families current life through continuously noting their strengths with collaboration and empathy.

Ms. Pearson prides herself in the idea that knowledge drives awareness which leads to the empowerment of all and most importantly, CHANGE.


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